Thank u

Gifts are free. We have no right to complain and compare when we don’t get what we like because it is ”FREE”. The person who gives the gift is thinking about you when he/she presents the gift to you. It is only courtesy that you accept it with a smile 🙂

The body you have is a gift god has bestowed upon you. Don’t complain, don’t compare, don’t dislike it. Embrace and love the beautiful gift tied together with generous fortunate life you have received.

Dear God,

Thank you for the gift. I love it 🙂


Let’s dance again


My life flashing before me
So dark the place I see
Hoping you will pull me out
Out of this misery

The suffering soul cries for you
Begs to be embraced
Turn around once more
And see my lifeless face

Come back don’t leave
My love so profound
Wanting to hold you
I am in pain

Wake up my love
Let’s dance again