We all have secret identities of sorts, hidden behind our smiling social-networking profiles. However,we only portray emotions which are accepted by society.

Always wearing masks.Wanting to be accepted by society,we put on our social mask for the sake of etiquette and survival and coming back home we continue to role play. We are so mesmerized and disillusioned that we become our own audience unaware that we are always masking, masking as if by habit.

After a period of time we finally get bewildered as to which the true face is. Perplexed as to our true identity, feelings of dissatisfaction kicks in and we feel discontented with ourselves. We start to lean on the outer world for a cure and search for the missing piece to complete our incomplete life. As time goes by our suppressed negative emotions festers and our frustration increases.

The solution is undoubtedly silence and introspection. Ask the mirror. Reconnect with your true selves. Let’s not hide and lock away our gorgeous bits.



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