Travel Through The Woods


Born on Nov3 of 1994 on the auspicious hindu festival of lights, Diwali, I was the first born in my fathers side and the second in my mothers side. But the first ”girl” in both the families.

My preteen years included a lot of moving around schools every 2 years. This made me accustomed to change and become flexible. As a child I was talkative, curious and took up challenges.I love studying and learning but honestly dislike exams. That was the reason I took up Chartered Accountancy Course after my high school…. Only 3 exams but.. boy are they difficult…

Only in my 5th grade did I discover my passion…elocution.. My 1 st try was quite a competition with 26 rounds of auditions to select the finalists and on the 27th round I went on to win the 1st prize but before my hand touched the trophy…… I had to move out. I was disappointed but I was excited at the same time and immediately participated in the auditions for a small event in my new school but was not selected. I dint want to give up so I ran over to my English teacher and asked him what I had to do to improve. He looked at me and said these words ‘’ You were the best candidate but I don’t have enough ‘’trust’’ in you’’…. Standing there like a wet blanket,these words for some unexplainable reasons broke my resolve and confidence and invoked a sense of insecurity and fear…. I never ever participated again and waited to settle in the new school and build trust but… I never was able to settle down. Now I have joined in Toastmaster s to re excavate my buried passion.

In my teen years I still often shifted schools. But no longer did the students welcome me, they started speculating my character based on my appearances and background. Therefore, in my 9th grade in India I was ignored & left with no friends. In their eyes I was proud because I came from abroad, unfriendly because I was good at academics and an opportunist because I was in a good relationship with all my teachers. Also being bullied because of my dark complexion, but I found it insulting to my ancestors if I cry over my very identity. Today I might be the dark girl in the crowd but I promise that tomorrow I will be recognized in that crowd. They did not bully me because I was weak but because they were feeling inferior about my strength.

I believe that ‘’Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards’’ so presently…. My life though is busy with study, and work , I manage to pull out sometime for my hobbies; watching Korean dramas, listening to music, reading manga’s . I want to make use of the god given opportunities and choose a suitable job which will allow me to meet new people, give me time to look after my family and lead a fulfilling and meaningful life.

‘’The woods are lovely, dark and deep,   But I have promises to keep,   And miles to go before I sleep,  And miles to go before I sleep.


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